Ruben van der Scheer atelier visit


Ruben van der Scheer

Ruben van der Scheer (1978) is an artist who lives and works in Amersfoort. He makes these incredibly striking and beautiful wooden objects on the lathe by hand. Dutch wood stands at the base of his work.

“Ruben van der Scheer is fascinated by the power and infinity of the circle. Characteristics of his work are curves and cavities of the form that seem to disappear ‘into nothing’, the interaction between inside and outside and the play with the visual and physical attractiveness of lines.”

On the lathe, realistic, minimalist objects arise that call for touch and contemplation.

Although the circular movement is a varied element in his work, all objects show great diversity. His work includes both wall objects and standing sculptures, and the individual works of art differ in elaboration and finish. Ultimately, form plays the leading role in the work.

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